HMS Collingwood Open Day RNEBA Stand 2010

The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association had a stand at HMS Collingwood during their Open Day on 5th June 2010

The objective was bringing the RNEBA existence to potential new members and provide some background into the Royal Naval Electrical Branch. It was a successful day with twelve new members joining, and four existing members dropping by to say “Hello”

Some of the photographs of the day are shown here, click on image for larger version

Task Begins

Halfway Stage

Cover on

Fixing the back panel

sidescreen fixing

Table assembling

Nearly there

Final touches1

Final touches2

Tidying up

Erecting flag staff


Duty EM

Open & Ready

Open & Ready1

Open & Ready2

Open for recruiting

Our competition

Gates Open

Rum raffle1

Robin rum

Caption Competition

New member1

New member10

New member11

New member2

New member3

New member4

New member5

New member6

New member7

New member8

New member9

Showing interest

Showing interest1

Showing interest2

Sign here

Sign here1

Sign here2

Sign here3

Sign here4

Sign here5

Sign here5a

Sign here6

Sign here7

Sign here8





Draw for raffle

Raffle winner

Royal Marine band marches past RNEBA stand

Royal Marine band passes our site

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